Reasons Why Shine Shampoo Can Be Great for Your Dog

A dog’s coat is a sign of its health. A healthy dog has a shiny, bright and smooth coat. It is radiant and dense in thickness. However, sometimes, the coat appears dull or lack luster. This could be due to a variety of reasons. One needs to pay careful attention to their dogs and their activities to closely monitor any irregularities if they ever hope to point out what is wrong with the dog. One cannot stop the dog from playing around or getting dirty but one can certainly make sure that they do not fall sick while doing so because a dull coat can be a symptom of some underlying health issue. The following sections of the article try to elaborate and make the people understand the reason for a dog’s dull coat and how shampoos can help.

What is a dog shampoo?

Human shampoos cannot be used to clean the dogs as they have more sensitive skin and their skin pH is different from ours. Thus, the market has other cleansing products available that are designed to suit the pet’s needs and cleanse it completely without causing any harmful side effects. These hygiene products are known as dog shampoos. They come in a variety of type that are used to address different issues like hot spots, itching, dry skin, parasites, infections etc. One can choose any product suitable for their dog and these shampoos can be categorized into many types, however, the broadest classification stands to be medicated and non-medicated dog shampoos.

Why does the dog’s coat become dull? 

The following reasons highlight numerous causes due to which a dog’s coat may become dull and lose its sheen.

  • The most common cause could be hormonal imbalance which leads to a loss of shine in the hair.
  • Infestation by parasites like fleas and ticks could also be the cause of dullness.
  • If the dog suffers from allergies, then the coat might lose its shine and brightness to become dull and lack luster.
  • Sometimes, this occurs due to heavy medication that is subscribed to the dog as a treatment for some other problem. Dullness is a common side effect listed by a good many medicines.
  • If one does not stick to the regular bathing schedule, then there may be a loss in the coat’s shine. If the coat gets extremely dirty and it does not get washed, dullness and lack of luster is a common observation.
  • Another important cause for dullness could be poor nutrition. If the dog’s diet is poor or the eating habits are erratic and do not follow a particular schedule, this is reflected in the coat’s condition. The lack of the required proteins and vitamins can have a serious lingering impact on the quality and quantity of hair in the dog’s coat.
  • Sometimes, the dog’s hair may be ill suited to the environmental conditions and the temperature changes (or humidity) and this will cause the dog to have dull and lifeless hair. If the conditions are not suitable the coat is directly affected.
  • The use of certain medicated shampoos can lead to lifeless hair as these contain strong chemicals which may not be suitable for the coat and strip it off its natural oil leaving them dehydrated and dry.
  • Lack of hydration can also be a cause of dull hair. The dog should be well-hydrated and drinking sufficient amount of water at all times to maintain the shine that is a sign of healthy coat.
  • Over exposure to the sun can damage the strands which can cause the coat to look shine less.
  • Excessive combing is not good for the coat. One should stick to brushing their dog’s coat for a maximum of twice a day and no more than that.
  • Chlorine can also strip the hair of its natural shine. Dogs should therefore, be kept away from swimming pools.

How shampoos help with restoring shine?

The following points elaborate how use of shampoos instantaneously improves the condition of the coat and has many benefits that retain the shine and luster.

  • Since, dryness is a leading cause of dullness of the coat, many shampoos are designed so that they moisturize the skin and hydrate the strands which goes a long way in restoring the sheen of the hair.
  • Parasitic infestations by fleas and tick not only cause itching and irritation but also cause the hair to lose its brightness and texture. It constantly degrades and depletes because they do not allow the hair to be nourished from the tips. There are shampoos which kill these parasites and help in eradicating them completely so that the skin and the coat can remain healthy and support the growth of newer shinier hair.
  • Certain products are not suitable for the coat and strip it off its natural moisture. There are extra mild hydrating shampoos available that can be used after using the medicated shampoos to restore the balance again.
  •  If the strands have been damaged permanently due to sun exposure or due to chlorine, then the damage repair shampoos can reverse the harm if they are used according to a fixed schedule. The right shampoo can go a long way in providing proper care and nourishment required for that shiny bright coat.

What is dog shine shampoo and benefits

How fur shine shampoos add sheen to the hair?

The following points throw some light on how the shampoos work to add shine and brightness to a dull coat to make it look alive again.

  • Vitamin B5 is essential to repair the individual strands and make them shine. The coat appears dull when the strands and damaged, brittle and uneven. This can happen due to a variety of reasons. The shampoos contain Vitamin B5 for replenishing the source at the roots which promotes newer and fresh growth. This leads to a brighter coat.
  • Shine and sheen is also restored when the hair is replenished with natural oils. Many shampoos contain natural oils like tea tree oil, chamomile, lavender oil etc, which restores the natural oil balance.
  • The fatty acids and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids promote new growth and healthier skin. They help the hair to grow better and also promote the growth of newer strands.
  • Keratin based shampoos also work wonders for the hair as it is majorly made of that protein. The roots are replenished with the enriched nutrients that will instantly get reflected in the coat.

Popular Shampoos that improve the shine of a dog’s coat

The following is a list of popular shampoos that work exceptionally well to restore the shine and brightness of the dog’s coat.

SupeShine Ultra-Premium Dog Shampoo : The shampoo is designed to bring out the shine in dull coats by treating them with Vitamin B5 and chamomile extracts. The blend of vitamins, wheat proteins, oat extracts, cranberry seed oil, safflower oil and sunflower seed oil act together to work wonders for the coat. They not only add shine but also restore the skin pH and nutrient balance.

FuzzyYard Organic Shine Shampoo : This shampoo is based on the benefits of tangerine oil, rosemary oil and wheat protein. The pure combination of essential oils and organic extracts is extra beneficial for the dog and is completely 100% biodegradable. There are no side effects to this product.

Sparkle and Shine Brightening Shampoo : This shampoo refreshes the color of the old coat and makes use of the benefits of natural ingredients like yoghurt and honey. It has a fresh and clean vanilla scent that leaves the dog feeling refreshed after each wash. It is very gentle and does not lather excessively which can strip the hair off its moisture. It is parabens and SLS free and uses a coconut based surfactant which is skin friendly and thus, pet friendly.

Bio Groom Super White Coat Brightener Shampoo : It has a rich clean formula which cleans the coat thoroughly and adds volume and shine to it. It controls the matting and leaves the hair smooth, manageable and shiny. It is fortified with essential proteins and leaves the dog with a invigorating and fresh scent after each use.

B.One Glamour and Glisten Coat Shine Perfumed Dog Shampoo : It works to create a shiny and luminous coat. It is enriched with the natural benefits of magnolia and jasmine that not only brighten the coat but also make it smell heavenly.

Isle of Dogs No.32 Gloss and Shine Shampoo : It is made up of hibiscus sabdariffa petals which not only add shine on washing but also leave behind an enchanting fragrance. It also comprises of Italian Bergamot and Madagascar Rose Geranium oils that enrich the hair from within and work to give the required shine and brightness.

GNC Pets Vitamin Enriched Fabulous Shine Shampoo : It soothes and moisturizes the coat and hair making them feel soft and smooth. It is fortified with the essential vitamins and nutrients and also is based on a super-rich lather formula which cleans the coat deeply. 


One should make sure the cause of a dog having dull and lifeless coat before opting for any shampoo. The shampoo should not contain any ingredients that the pet may be allergic to. The shampoo should not be used excessively as it can do more harm than good that way. One should stick to the routine and the stipulated amount to shampoo to be used.


One needs to realize that any changes in the physical appearance of a dog can be signs of an underlying problem. Therefore, care must be taken to carefully observe them and then decide a suitable course to be taken to rectify the problem. If the external factors are cause of dullness in the coat then the above mentioned products can be used.