What are Medicated Dog Shampoos and Their Benefits

Dogs are playful creatures and sometimes while playing, they may wander into dirty places and get dirty themselves. This can cause them to become sick. If they have dietary problems or even genetic problems, there are a lot of diseases that they may suffer from. What does one do in such a situation? When it comes to external problems like diseases affecting the skin and the coat, the medicated dog shampoos available in the market can work wonders to solve the problems. One just needs to be well-informed and choose the right product for their pets. The following sections of the article elaborate what a medicated shampoo is, how it is helpful, the popular types available and some general precautions that one should keep in mind.

What are medicated dog shampoos?

There are many shampoos available in the market for cleaning the dog’s coat and making it shiny and soft. And these work well in resolving these issues. But if the dog is suffering from hot spots, red rashes or inflammation of the skin, then it would be unwise to use such products for its care. These problems call for special attention and it turn, special products to take care of the issues. These special products are known as medicated shampoos. These shampoos are designed to specifically target the problem areas and resolve the disease and affliction that is causing the dog to suffer. These shampoos cannot be used by all dogs and need to be used only when a dog is suffering from that particular problem.

Benefits of medicated dog shampoos  

The following are some of the benefits of using medicated dog shampoos instead of the usual ones.

  • The medicated shampoo work effectively to target the problem and resolve it as soon as possible to help better the condition of the dog. They work on improving the condition by targeting the problem and working to eradicate it.
  • Even after a few washes, they provide immediate relief to the pets by their immediate action. They start working instantaneously to relive the dog.
  • Since, the shampoos are made under carefully regulated conditions they are more effective. It is made sure that the amount of chemicals is regulated carefully and that there is no more quantity than the stipulated amount. This ensures that there are no unwanted side effects and that the product works as expected and at its fullest efficiency.

medicated dog shampoo benefits

Popular medicated dog shampoos categories

The medicated shampoos can also be classified into different categories as follows :

Antiseborrheic Shampoos: These shampoos works towards eliminating the scaling that occurs on the dog’s skin surface. Some of the shampoos that commonly come under this category are sulfur and salicyclic based, tar based, selenium sulfide and benzoyl peroxide based shampoos. They remove all the microbial action causing the skin disturbances. The selenium sulfide products are used for degreasing too. 

Antibacterial Shampoos: Shampoos containing benzoyl peroxide, chlorhexidine and ethyl lactate come under this category. Ethyl lacate comes usually in 10% concentration and even this is sufficient to eliminate successfully all the unwanted bacterial activity.

Antifungal Shampoos: Imidazoles are very effective in removing and preventing fungal infections.

Anti-puriritic Shampoos: Oatmeal based shampoos dominate this category. The fine oatmeal granules absorb the allergens and help to mediate the itching that occurs due to this. 

Cleansing and Moisturizing Shampoos: These are the medicated shampoos that clean without soap. They are mainly used to rehydrate after the coat has become dry due to the use of harsh chemicals.

Popular Medicated Dog Shampoo Brands

Listed below are some popular medicated shampoos that tackle different problems. 

Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal Dog Shampoo

This shampoo is effective in case of skin infestations and infection. It also helps in case of ringworms.

Savatet Micotix Shampoo : It helps in preventing ringworms and fungal infections and also treating them. A special feature is the long lasting Kashmir fragrance and it also acts effectively against bacterial infections that are responsible for the bad odor. It makes the coat healthy, shiny and easier to maintain.

Dermacare Malaseb Medicated Shampoo : This shampoo can be used both on pups and dogs. It helps to remove scales, degreases the skin and removes the odor. It removes the bacterial or fungal infections if they are present and also prevents the future growth of these. It helps in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis which is the condition where the dog suffers from a serious case of eczema and dandruff.

Tar and Coal Shampoo

These are helpful in skin disorders which cause excessive itching and scratching. They help ease and calm the irritation of the skin in cases of psoriasis, hot spots, redness, rashes or a case of dermatitis. 

Bio-Groom Bio-Med Dog Shamoo : This effectively calms the dog’s skin by working on the mentioned problems. It is a coal tar based product. It is exceptionally mild and develops a rich lather and foam on working it into the skin. It contains 4% ethanol which is also a major ingredient in solving skin issues.

Johnsons Coal, Tar and Sulfur Dog Shampoo : Many of the customers noticed that it has a visibly calming effect on their dogs. The main ingredients of the shampoo work well together to soothe the itchiness and scratching of the skin which helps in improving the skin condition.

Selenium sulfide based shampoos

These help with thickening of the skin which happens when the skin is very dry and starts to become flaky.

Seledruff Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dogs : It prevents skin flaking and dryness. It also has a long lasting fragrance and works to prevent skin infections. It improves the quality of the coat by making it more shiny and brighter.

Salicyclic Acid Dog Shampoo

These are also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-pruritic and anti-parasitic.

Dermazole/ Sebolux/ Sentry/ Univeral Medicated Shampoo : It acts as an antiseptic which is useful in the treatment of some skin related problems. It treats scale and uneven skin to make it smooth by removing all the flaky skin parts caused due to dandruff.

Petco Oatmeal Medicated Shampoo : It helps in relieving hot spots, scaling, flea bite dermatitis, and dandruff. It helps soothe scratchy and itch skin. It is enriched with wheat grain proteins and vitamin E. it contains tea tree oil for moisturization and also a long lasting fragrance.

Benzoyl Peroxide Based Dog Shampoo

These target all the skin problems that target the hair follicles of the dog. Some of these conditions are Schnauzer Comedone Syndrome  in which one can find pus filled bumps along the spine of the dog. This occurs due to blocked sebaceous glands.

Petben Skin Care Shampoo for Dogs : It has anti-microbial properties and flushes out all the hair follicles. It acts to remove all the excess bacteria and also stops the over active sebaceous glands to remove the oiliness. It is absolutely nontoxic to the skin and does not irritate it.

DermaBenSS (Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo) : It contains enriched Vitamin E which is the best natural anti-oxidant. It also contains salicyclic acid to compound the anti-microbial effects that helps in treating hot spots. It also works towards correcting oily skin, acne, staph and skin fold infections.

Precautions while using Medicated Shampoos

Some precautions while using medicated dog shampoos

  • The coal and tar based shampoo can cause irritation and itching because they tamper with the scaly formations that occur due to dandruff. One should therefore, consult a vet to find out the amount and the duration of treatment because there may be unwanted side effects.
  • The salicyclic acid that is contained within certain products can be very drying and it can completely deplete the coat of its natural moisture. This can lead to scratching and irritation.
  • Sometimes the shampoos that treat dandruff can cause shedding. A little shedding is to be expected but if it occurs heavily over a prolonged period then the use of the shampoo should be stopped immediately and a vet should be consulted.
  • One should be careful when they are choosing a shampoo and carefully take note of all the ingredients that are present. If their pets are allergic to certain ingredients then that product shouldn’t be used at all.
  • The amount of shampoo to be used, the frequency with which it should be used should all be considered before using the product because these are very strong and the amount needs to be carefully regulated.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide also has certain side effects and some of them are redness, irritation, skin dryness, peeling or mild irritation.

In the end..

As one can see, medicated shampoos have a wide range of applications and deal with a great variety of problems. These should however, be used after consulting a vet and only after ensuring that it is in fact beneficial for the dog.